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標題: Moon Festival Celebration on 9/30 [打印本頁]

作者: admin    時間: 2023-9-22 11:48     標題: Moon Festival Celebration on 9/30

Diamond Bar Chinese School
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Dear Parents,

This Sat, 9/23, the Chinese school will have regular classes from 9:00-12:30pm.

Next Sat, 9/30, DBCS will have regular classes in the morning. In the afternoon, we will have a Moon Festival Celebration together with the Diamond Bar High School. Please mark your calendar and come join us to celebrate this important culture event.

The Moon Festival Celebration has two parts: 4:30-7:00pm, 9/30, please come enjoy games, music, and food, in DBHS courtyard area. 7:00-9:00pm, cultural performances inside the DBHS theater. We want to use the opportunity to raise funds for the newly completed DBHS science lab to purchase lab equipment and materials.  If you and your company want to help, please contact us. You can donate in several ways, you can either purchase tickets for the performances, become a business sponsor, or directly donate to this event by scanning the QR code.  


本周六, 中文学校正常上课。

下周六上午,中文学校正常上课。下午开始是我们一年一度的中秋活动, 4:30-7:00是户外的中秋园游会,欢迎大家来参加,园游会有游戏,表演,工商摊位,美食等。 园游会完全免费,希望让更多的人在我们的社区感受中华传统节日的热闹氛围。 地点是高中的Courtyard。 7:00-9:00是在礼堂内举行的中秋文艺晚会。观看演出需要凭票入场。  我们希望通过这次活动能够募款为钻石吧高中的新竣工的科学实验室购买一些设备和材料。

如果您或者您的公司愿意捐助,有多种渠道: 您可以购买演出的票,或者成为赞助商,或者直接通过扫码来捐助。



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